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Long Island residents deal with slick streets as they head to work

Some say they’re thankful snow accumulations were not heavy as first predicted

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Although Mother Nature didn't drop as much snow on the South Shore as expected, some areas are dealing with hazardous conditions in the aftermath of the storm.

The powerful winter storm showed no mercy to commuters, who were left scraping away at their cars Wednesday morning.

Despite the messy cleanup ahead, some say they feel like they dodged a bullet from Mother Nature herself.

The streets are clear of snow, for the most part, but some sidewalks, they're a completely different story.

Slick sheets of ice are turning walkways into a complete obstacle course. Still, people say they're heading to work.

If you do want to avoid the slick streets your best bet is to use mass transportation. Most branches of the Long Island Railroad are running on time, but just be sure to double-check the schedule at your station before heading out.

The Red Cross is offering these safety tips to drivers:

· Make sure everyone has their seat belts on
· Slow down. Don't follow other vehicles too closely.
· Don't use cruise control
· Know that ramps, bridges and overpasses freeze before roadways

If you are planning on driving, the roads are okay right now, but you should reduce your speed and pay close attention to all of your surroundings.

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