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Source: Nassau Executive Ed Mangano will not seek re-election on Republican ticket

Mangano currently faces federal corruption charges


He's been in office for nearly eight years, but it appears that Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano will not try for a third term in office on the Republican ticket.

A source close to the county executive tells FiOS1 News that Mangano did not file the required petition paperwork with the board of elections and therefore his name will not be on the Republican ballot for county executive.

This comes as the county executive continues to fight federal corruption charges.

Mangano and his wife Linda were both indicted last fall and both pleaded not guilty.

There will be no Republican primary and former State Senator Jack Martins will automatically become the Republican nominee.

“Our focus is getting our message out. It's time for honest leadership in Nassau County. It's an opportunity for us to chart the course for the next 100 years and really put the county back on track,” Martins said.

On the Democratic side, County Legislator Laura Curran will square off against Comptroller George Maragos in a primary election that's scheduled for September.

Both are very confident about their platform.

“I feel very positive, I'm energized, I think we have the right message to end corruption, lower property taxes and build a new economy for young people,” Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos said.

“We have more than 27,000 signatures. That's more than any county-wide Democratic candidate in Nassau County. We've got a great team, excellent field operations, and I'm really excited,” Representative Laura Curran said.

FiOS1 News contacted County Executive Mangano's office for a comment, but the office did not respond.

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