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Newly passed legislation calls for safety study of Southern State Parkway

Dept. of Transportation expected to evaluate design and safety of entrance and exit ramps

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Ask any driver familiar with Southern State Parkway how they feel about driving on it and you’ll likely get a laundry list of complaints.

The State Senate is now looking to address many of the safety concerns that drivers have. As part of new legislation passed this week, the State Senate has ordered the New York State Department of Transportation to conduct a study of the parkway looking at preventing collisions and wrong-way driving.

Sen. John Brooks, who co-sponsored the bill, says that too many lives are lost on the Southern State due to the antiquated exit and entrance ramps and poor signage.

This past Tuesday, on the same day the legislation passed, New York State Police say a driver was killed heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of the Southern State Parkway by Exit 44W.

The study is expected to evaluate the design and safety of the entrance and exit ramps.

It will also look at the visibility of signage, while identifying federal funding that may be available for highway safety improvements.

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