Briella TomassettiOct 2, 2017, 10:56 pm

Southside Hospital training sessions teach fundamentals of emergency preparedness

People across Long Island are learning how to save lives in case of a traumatic event


The events that unfolded in Las Vegas Sunday can happen anytime, and anywhere. Before another tragedy strikes, Southside Hospital is acting now and teaching people the fundamentals of emergency preparedness.

"This is a way of dealing with trauma patients who have bleeding that can be practiced by anybody in the public," said Michael Grossman, chief of traumatic care surgery at Southside Hospital.

Southside Hospital sees around 2,000 trauma patients a year. About 1,200 of them are serious, and 200 to 250 of them have truly life-threatening injuries.

Representatives from the hospital went to Sayville Middle School on Monday to show teachers and administrators how to care properly for those patients.

"Bleeding control has to be done in the first three to five minutes if it's a large bleed. With that uncontrolled hemorrhaging, if they're not attended to by civilians and first responders, they'll perish," said Timothy Dackow, the injury prevention and outreach coordinator.

At the training sessions, participants are shown how to pack gauze into a deep wound. And then instructed to put pressure on that wound for three minutes. They're also taught how to put this device on someone's arm to stop bleeding from a gunshot wound.

"It needs to be more widely adopted. I think training as many teachers, students as they possibly can," Grossman said.

In a case like yesterday, there might not be enough time to wait for first responders.

"They're gonna take sometimes eight minutes which is the national standard, or if it's a real large-scale event, they won't be allowed to enter until the threat or large scale shooter is mitigated," Dackow said.

The training session is about an hour to an hour and a half long in total which consists of a 30-minute lecture, and then breaks down into hands-on demonstrations.

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