Justin WaltersJan 20, 2018, 12:15 am

Native from Eastport aims for the gold medal at 2018 Winter Olympics

Justin Krewson is a member of the luge team that is headed to South Korea


The 2018 Winter Olympics is less than a month away and the Olympic luge team will be well represented by Long Island

Eastport native Justin Krewson is one of two athletes from the Island who will be heading to South Korea. His doubles team made the Olympics by,06 of a second last month.

Krewson spoke, with FiOS1 News on the phone Friday to explain how he was his introduced to luge.

“Going back to Long Island, believe it or not, I was at an Islanders game and I met a former Olympian Adam Heidt, also a Long Islander from luge right after the 2002 games, and he talked to me and my dad and explained the whole process on how someone gets into luge,” Krewson said.

Krewson is currently in Norway with the Olympic luge team gearing up for next month's action in South Korea.

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