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State allocates more than $200M to opioid treatment to help addicts stay clean

Gov. Cuomo signs new legislation meant to turn the tide on the state's opioid epidemic

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New York State took a bold step in the battle against ‘the worst drug scourge the nation has ever faced’
Wednesday with the signing of new legislation that has allocated more than $200 million to help addicts.

"Statewide the number of opioid-related deaths has doubled from 2010 to 2015,” Governor Cuomo said.

Just last year, Cuomo signed a law that would expand community prevention strategies, limit the over prescription of opioids, and increase access to treatment. This new bill will increase his efforts to combat this growing issue

Governor Cuomo said this legislation will also be bolstering the work of family support navigators and will work to create more peer management, engagement programs, and more urgent care facilities that will always be open and accessible to anyone in need.

Supporters of the legislation said that this will help them fight a battle they cannot win alone.

"Those of us in the recovery community are excited that funding is going to go to community-based stuff," Hauppauge resident Joseph Cavallo said.

Cuomo noted that the effort to combat this epidemic is not one that can be solved alone and will require a collaborative effort.

"If we work together and we dedicate ourselves to solving this problem we can do it," he said.

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