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Merrick high school senior helps hospital in Tanzania with his ‘Safe Motherhood’ project

Hadi Aziz’s witnessed impact his work had on pre and post-natal care of mothers in poor areas when he traveled to African country

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One Long Island student traveled across the globe to see first-hand the impact he and his high school were making in a poor area.
Hadi Aziz is a senior at Calhoun High School in Merrick. This year he got to experience first-hand the difference he and his fellow students were making in a hospital in Tanzania.

Last year, he presented his families charity project called “Safe Motherhood” to his high school Senior Experience class. The class chose his charity to be the recipient of the money raised at the senior fashion show. The high school donated $10,000 to the Medewell Health Center.

His families charity works with the hospital to provide pre and post-natal care to mothers. This experience was one Hadi will never forget. Both of his parents are from Africa and he says healthcare is not as prevalent as it is here in the United States.

Hadi Aziz hopes to pursue the medical field in college and eventually work in a facility like the Medewell Health Center.

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