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Some Nassau high school students research prevention of breast cancer

3 students are participating in summer internships that primes research skills

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High school junior Kayla Lieb talks about biology with the same ease and comfort other kids her age might discuss sports or pop culture.

She has gained some major knowledge from her summer internship at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied harmful chemicals that could cause cancer by disrupting hormones in the body.

Lieb says those chemicals are all around us.

“These chemicals include the pesticide DDT, BPS, which is found in plastics around us, chemical products, pharmaceutical products, things you put in your hair,” Lieb said.

The four weeks she spent on the forefront of breast cancer research was part of a partnership between North Shore Hebrew Academy High School and the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition.

Laura Weinberg, the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition’s president, says the goal is to develop the next generation of doctors, scientists and researchers.

“When they're in the laboratory themselves and working with the molecules and laboratory animals, and actually seeing the tumor development from these particular chemicals, they come back like us. Activists,” Weinberg said.

So far, the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition has sent more than 50 high school students to study in some of the country's top research laboratories.

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