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Subway riders air their grievances over prices, congestion during MTA board meeting

None of the complaints were aimed at the LIRR


During a monthly meeting the MTA hosts at its Manhattan headquarters on Wednesday, officials received several complaints—none of which were directed at the Long Island Railroad which has been running fairly well since track work began.

Nearly everyone at the board meeting who spoke out griped about various issues with the city subways.

Though Long Islanders have been bracing for that so-called "Summer of Hell," LIRR commuters have had it fairly easy.

But it has not necessarily been smooth sailing for subway riders and more than 50 people let MTA officials know just that.

Norman Frazier is a subway rider who decided to protest outside the meeting to show his discontent with the subway.

“The prices are going up. We're paying $2.75 and still no service that's correct. We're suffering, they're packed,” said Norman Frazier of Brooklyn. “Packed like a sardine can. This isn't one or two days, it's almost every day we're suffering.”

One issue brought up by many speakers was alcohol advertisements found within the New York City transit system.

A member of the Riders Alliance detailed what he calls the "everyday tragedy of our rails."

“The errant trash bag, garbled announcements, scurrying rats. They all define our shabby system. They do not cause the meltdowns but they symbolize the political indifference to a system in desperate need of resources and critically attention to detail.” The Riders Alliance member said.

The meeting which lasted more than three hours was rowdy at times, but again, most came to speak out about the subways, and not the Long Island Railroad.

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