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Suffolk PD: Get caught riding an ATV on public property a 2nd time, it will be destroyed

Officials say new policy aims to protect public and preserve peace and quiet


Suffolk County police have issued a stern warning to anyone thinking about riding all-terrain vehicles, also known as ATVs, on public property.

If you get caught twice, your expensive toy will be not only confiscated, but destroyed.

A group of ATVs gets crushed under the intense weight of a bulldozer. One even catches fire as it was handled by the giant machine. There is nothing left behind but a mess of twisted metal, broken plastic and rubber tires.

This is the warning from Suffolk County officials to anyone who's thinking about riding an ATV where it's not allowed. Officials say the vehicles are illegally used on streets and in parks.

“This is a strong message and hopefully they’ll remember this because, you know, if they get an ATV for their birthday or Christmas or a holiday, and they're taken out illegally, they get caught twice, they get violations, this is what their ATV is going to look like if they get caught,” says Leg. Sarah Anker (D-Mount Sinai).

The demonstration Friday marks a change in policy for the Suffolk County Police Dept. In the past, confiscated all-terrain vehicles would be sold to the public at property auctions. Of course, that opens the door for someone else to use the ATV illegally.

“They'll no longer be on the streets jeopardizing public safety,” Joshua Slaughter, Chief of Staff for Leg. Kate Browning.

In the end officials say it boils down to protecting the public, as well as preserving the peace and quiet that attracts many residents to Suffolk in the first place.

“The plague of ATVs, it affects the safety of children playing in yards, it affects your quality of life. They're noisy, they’re a safety issue,” says Suffolk County PD chief Stuart Cameron.

ATV riding is only allowed on private property in Suffolk County. Officials say most enthusiasts go upstate to ride.

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