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Sunday: Vigil to highlight Lindenhurst's continued struggle to rebuild 5 years after Sandy

Event organizer from LI Progressive Coalition says officials can do more to protect residents from future storms


LINDENHURST — Down Venetian Boulevard near the Lindenhurst waterfront, remnants of Hurricane Sandy can still be seen. Homes that aren’t currently under construction have been raised on stilts or have been abandoned altogether.

Five years have passed since the storm hit the area but the community is still crippled.

A Hurricane Sandy vigil and walking tour of the area’s devastation, organized by the Long Island Progressive Coalition, will be held on Sunday to highlight the plight still faced by many and the importance of safeguarding against future storms.

"They're still dealing with nuisance flooding,” LI Progressive Coalition Sustainability Coordinator Ryan Madden said. “Communities still waiting for funds from 'NY Rising' to lift their homes, people not in their homes, mold concerns, so there's a whole myriad of issues homeowners are still facing."

Hurricane Sandy relief groups, local environmental organizations and community members will be joining the vigil for a heartfelt remembrance ceremony in Venetian Shores Park at 2 p.m.

"As we're coming up on the fifth anniversary of sandy, a storm that was intensified because of a change in climate, we wanted to ensure that we were working with folks in communities most impacted," Madden said.

Madden is encouraging people to reach out to their local municipalities and legislatures to adopt more sustainable housing practices which would, in turn, help safeguard against future climate impacts.

"We need to look no further than Irma, Harvey and Maria in recent weeks to see the devastation that climate intensified storms bring to communities," he said.

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