Biden: Republicans show 'phony populism,' 'fake nationalism'

The governor says he has several ‘progressive firsts’ that will help him get re-elected

Students feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to complete the program

Some parents believe new members are needed to turn around embattled district

FOIA request reveals documents to community organizers

Police say Roy Christmas, 36, killed 57-year-old after argument at home on Warner Avenue

Officials say they later found a clear bag with a substance that appeared to be cocaine

As Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary as a nation, a deadly mass protest rages on Gaza’s border

Plaintiffs say that Board President Maribel Toure, Vice President Gwendolyn Jackson and others allegedly "wasted" taxpayer money

School board members of the Hempstead Union Free School District say they are 'separating fact from fiction' regarding the preliminary findings of an audit

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