Disease can only be spread through direct contact with throat or nasal secretions, health officials say

Administrators say 7,000 kids should be able to take 3 books with them each during vacation

Sydney Brett creates charity to teach the damages that harassment by peers can do to kids

The last time Ja'Mell Jones saw his parent Sgt. Shanasia Lowe was on Thanksgiving

Hundreds of mourners gather in East Patchogue to pay final respects to 16-year-old Justin Llivicura

Grief counselors also present at Bellport HS, where Jorge Tigre, 18, and Justin Llivacura, 16, were students

Educators seek to have online questionnaire help them assess the need for home assignments

Proposed legislation comes after 7 violent gang-related murders in Brentwood

High school students say harassment has become worse than ever

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