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Collision with car occurred just south of Southern State Parkway

Mia Smith's campaign to collect money gets a boost from special guest Gloria Gaynor

Suffolk Legislator Sarah Anker pushes for more regulations

Residents have complained for years about illicit activity at crossing

‘I don't want him walking anymore…. It's really rattled us,’ says a concerned mother

Suffolk police say Miguel Garcia-Moran was discovered west of Emjay Boulevard

High school holds prayer vigil for Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens

Vaccine is not just a requirement for NY high schoolers but for students in over 20 other states

Uncommon but deadly bacterial infection can come on suddenly and be devastating within hours, doctor says

6 colleges on hand to help those who hoped to finish education at financially-strapped Oakdale institution

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Oyster Bay, New York