Nassau County


Detectives say masked suspect involved in incident on Main Street and Leonard Avenue was dressed in black

Michael Roque, 20, charged with the murder of 19-year-old Joao Souza

Florida State Attorney's Office: Spiro Colaitis voted in person in Nassau County, NY and sent mail-in ballot to Escambia County

Developer files 3rd motion to ask for $100M in tax breaks as building permits are set to expire in May

Jack Schnirman says the county's innovation and accountability have been compromised

$18M, 54-unit building project calls for village approval because it would be taller and denser than what is permitted

Federal report states that Journey Bus Lines has not been involved in accident in last 2 years

Accident in Lakeview leaves several high school student injured

Project aims to modernize water and sewage systems to decrease contamination

Zakiyyah Steward is 1 of 2 defendants arrested in collision that killed 2 on Nassau Expressway

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