Nassau County


Vacant lot along East Broadway and Riverside Boulevard has been focus of nearly 4-decade legal battle

Members came to help out 90-year-old Frank and are looking to help others under similar situations

Motorists can expect slick conditions and reduced visibility on the road

Ally Fitzgerald, 14, is also the first female to win a high school wrestling tournament on Long Island

Residents lift each others’ spirits by celebrating Civil Rights leader’s message of equality and positivity

'Those words cannot affect me. ... He's just being a bully.

Shimon Waronker is displaced just 7 months after starting job in the district

Michael Villanueva, 23, faces charges of kidnapping, robbery, grand larceny and criminal contempt

Activists want teacher diversity, moratorium on charter schools and NY Dream Act, among others

Small percentage of rush hour trains set to be diverted

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