Lloyd Hubbard says he noticed something was wrong when order line was not moving

Police say Roy Christmas, 36, killed 57-year-old after argument at home on Warner Avenue

Abel Hernandez, 21, of Farmingdale allegedly had victim send the money to address in Lindenhurst

Zakiyyah Steward is 1 of 2 defendants arrested in collision that killed 2 on Nassau Expressway

Authorities say David Serrant, 19, opened fire while attempting to flee law enforcement

D'Andrea Dogostiano, 18, and Jahmani Harleston, 19, are accused in incident in which clerk was pistol-whipped

Pierre Fede arrested after alleged incident at the intersection of Cedar Street and Duryea Avenue

Jerlin Villalta, 21, allegedly killed one-time gang member whose remains were at site of former Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital

Dawn Goldstein and Richard Alvarez face charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property

PD: Tasha Smalls prevented officers from entering home after senior called 911

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