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Investigation launched after grand jury report found sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by about 300 priests in Pennsylvania since the 1940s

Governor Andrew Cuomo called the private company's billing practices 'abusive'

He will be a leader of the 6th largest diocese in the United States

‘Keeping Families Together’ rally protests say children are being abused

Man who lived on Long Island for decades arrested during regular check-in with immigration officials

Detectives say Eric Grossman, 53, drove towards 45-year-old victim following an argument with him

During routine pool-maintenance, acid and chlorine wrongfully mixed

Donna Jannine Schultz alleges that Justin Meyers was responsible for her wrongful termination

Police say Kenneth Geller, 72, made threat while trying to pick up student who he claimed was his grandson

All money raised during the event goes to a shelter for women, kids in Nassau

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