Rockville Centre


Police say Kenneth Geller, 72, made threat while trying to pick up student who he claimed was his grandson

All money raised during the event goes to a shelter for women, kids in Nassau

The events are designed to allow each community to voice their opinion and dialogue with lawmakers on gun control

Parishioners in Rockville Center come together at St. Agnes Cathedral

Participants say they feel inspired by the survivors of Parkland shooting who are now demanding gun control

Parents, children and organizers call on legislators to take action

D'Andrea Dogostiano, 18, and Jahmani Harleston, 19, are accused in incident in which clerk was pistol-whipped

Prosecutors argued that Officer Anthony Federico used excessive force during a 2016 incident outside of a bar

Dawn Goldstein and Richard Alvarez face charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property

The second brother involved in violent encounter with Rockville Centre police officer testifies

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