Residents get to hold dogs for the first time, have their spirits lifted

Authorities say Richard Davis, 34, Martin Newkirk, 49, and Taikeem Wheeler, 26, face charges of animal cruelty

Authorities say a canine went into William Street home and attacked male victim after first encounter

Nassau SPCA says canines where in such terrible shape that their ribs and vertebrae could be seen

Several pet owners allege they received sick dogs from the ‘Friends of Freddie’ Pet Rescue

SPCA: 2 emaciated dogs found in cars, another 2 pooches locked in basement with trash and feces

Mayor says new leash-free park was a community effort

The Bordinos say they’re confident that they will rebuild despite their loss

Ed Mangano says that the officer’s quick thinking saved the dog, Amirah, and the lives of 2 other men on a capsized boat

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Oyster Bay, New York