Kids make cross-generational and cross-cultural friendships at West Babylon facility

Alex Grisales, 7, was telling his peers about his father, Staff Sgt. Juan Grisales, when the special visitor entered his classroom

Doctors say intervention could come sooner, even before children develop any behavioral symptoms of the condition

Lawmakers want state to create own residency restriction law

Children and parents escape cabin fever at Ronkonkoma trampoline park

Community asks police to step up patrols after incident involving 12-year-old boy in Freeport

Lela Witts, 20, accused of attempted kidnapping at Freeport tax service

Nation’s first amputee team brings the message of overcoming obstacles

Sophie Kil and classmates welcome Quackerjack to AP Willits Elementary

Chain reaction crash ends with vehicle plowing through front end of restaurant

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