Guilty Plea


Unlicensed driver agrees to live in supervised home for up to a year and receive counseling

Michael Cognato taught middle school math in Queens

Lisa Michelle Kucharz details how she was harassed online by a Canadian woman

DA: Michael Gallagher, 57, put dog in a bag and struck her in the head

Ryan Gurecki confessed to driving drunk before smashing into the SUV driven by 56-year-old Karen Holden

Steve Romeo pleads guilty to DWAI, ordered to pay $500 fine and gets 90-day license suspension

James Burke pleaded guilty in 2012 beating and subsequent cover up of man who stole items from his SUV

Cory Gloe pleads guilty to reckless endangerment and prohibited use of a weapon

Bridgegate trial witness claimed governors discussed report to tamp down lane closures scrutiny

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