East Meadow


Carlos Benitez-Hernandez charged with murder of victim believe to be male teen

Police have not identified the body, investigation ensues

Mike Califano was killed when his patrol car was hit by a truck during a vehicle stop

Nassau County police say Adislado Carillo of East Meadow exposed himself to 11-year-old girl in Westbury earlier this month

CEO: ‘During the summer people are struggling’

Jose Franco-Martinez, 53, accused of murder of horse stable worker

Health experts share safety precautions you can take before the first meat hits the grill

The flying trapeze camp gives anyone the chance to flip, fly and swing away at Eisenhower Park

Victims rushed to hospitals in NYC, Long Island after flames spark at 2-story home late Saturday night

Officials say East Meadow has the second most overdoses in the county

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