Southern State Parkway


Roof of bus destroyed by bridge for not adhering to height restrictions

Part of roadway is re-christened after hero who is remembered for his faith and courage to forgive shooter who paralyzed him

Dept. of Transportation expected to evaluate design and safety of entrance and exit ramps

State and local lawmakers called on the Department of Transportation to take up a safety study

Bloody altercation that was caught on video leaves officer with head injuries

Jury finds Oniel Sharpe Jr. guilty of aggravated vehicular homicide, manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident

Thanks to quick work of members of Nassau police, little Sage Elise gave her mother a story she’ll never forget

Collision with car occurred just south of Southern State Parkway

Suffolk PD: 39-year-old Tomasz Myske dead after being struck by drunk driver in East Farmingdale

Condition of third person riding in vehicle is unknown

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