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FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam explores presents for graduation day, Father's Day

Jury found James Ryan guilty of criminally negligent homicide and manslaughter in 2013 death of Officer Joseph Oliveri

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam speaks with Verizon spokesperson David Weissman

FiOS1 sits down with certified financial planner Nahum Daniels to help you deal with the new tax laws

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam sits with Nahum Daniels for advice

Aaron Feis, a football coach, reportedly died while shielding students from gunfire

Tech expert Jonathan Bedoya shows off more cool technology to help during the holiday season

FiOS1 News speaks with Nahum Daniels about 5 smart money moves you can do now to help your finances through 2018 and beyond

Tech expert Jonathan Bedoya shows off some of the coolest technology to help you stuff stockings this year

Tech expert Jonathan Bedoya gives FiOS1 News the scoop on the best technology gifts to make your holiday shopping a little easier

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