Parking Lot


Medical examiners will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death and identify victim

Daniel Coppolo, 31, of Deer Park faces charges in death of 18-year-old Taranjit Parmar

Detectives say driver was making a left turn into parking lot when victims were hit

Authorities say red pickup truck ran over Taranjit Parmar near Hempstead Turnpike

Syosset Dunkin’ Donuts worker says suspect got away with $10 from tip jar

Officials say they will monitor influx of commuters and determine if changes are necessary

Detectives try to determine if incident is connected to robbery of 85-year-old woman a day earlier

Chain reaction crash ends with vehicle plowing through front end of restaurant

Investigators determining whether victim suffered medical episode prior to collision

Officers out and about at amphitheater’s parking lot as part of statewide initiative

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