Jennifer Hunt of Wading River aims to educate other survivors about the potential health hazard

Under current law, younger people afflicted with the disease do not qualify for resources

Educators learn how they can enrich their students with resources, stronger relationships

Nassau County police say Adislado Carillo of East Meadow exposed himself to 11-year-old girl in Westbury earlier this month

Kristen Gillibrand: If prices are increased by more than 20 percent in one year 100 percent of the profit will be taken from drug companies

People will soon be able to manage their accounts without lifting a finger

Her 18-month-old child was one of 7 who were in the car

Charles Medenilla says Mansi helps him stay connected to his roots

People with disabilities are tasked to cover fake name brands on jackets that will be given to others in need

Riders feel like the price difference has not lead to better service

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