Michael Cohen is discussing possible plea deal with federal prosecutors



Assistant administrator of public affairs: TSA remains committed to mission of securing the homeland

Victim suffers non-life threatening injuries after planned attack

Jerlin Villalta, 21, allegedly killed one-time gang member whose remains were at site of former Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital

DEC to conduct investigation into contaminants that were detected in a well near MacArthur Airport

Officials says funds are needed for food, veterinary care and adoption processes

Police say Vanessa Costello denied 9 horses proper veterinary care and food, and will have her appear in court for the charges in August

Suffolk PD says its consulting with U.S. Attorney's Office into whether case is federal

Werner Reich and Mordechai Miller recount the horrors inflicted by Nazi regime

PSEG Long Island says a majority of residents had electricity back within an hour

Police say ‘Penelope’ was hit by speeding car on Church Street

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