Rep. Lee Zeldin goes into election with a 20-point lead against Democratic challenger Anna Throne-Holst

Anna Throne-Holst seeks to defeat Rep. Lee Zeldin after a term in office

Federal officials say studies show water quality has improved and that no additional flooding resulted after break in shore

Patchogue organizers say rhetoric against immigrants is pervasive, fosters hate

Proceeds from the races will go towards enhancing and expanding veterans’ services in the county

Residents turned in their old, unused or unwanted firearms to Suffolk police for cash

Kids will be able to enjoy more play time to relieve stress

‘It's been about the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Panther party. We're tired of all the destruction, chaos they're doing.’

The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team play ball in Patchogue

Leaflets have surfaced in villages of Patchogue and Westhampton

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