The suspect allegedly robbed a TD Bank branch on East Main street

The 18,000-square-foot facility will be just off Sunrise Highway

Suffolk County is No. 1 Republican county in New York State, according to Suffolk County Republican Committee Chairman

Protestors gather where Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was murdered in 2008, in what police called a hate crime

Suffolk County Police Commissioner says 1K people expected inside the Emporium, thousands more outside

Any vehicles remaining on streets or in parking lots after the closures will be towed, police say

Activists say anti-immigrant rhetoric such as the presidential hopeful’s led to 2008 hate crime murder near the rally site

Some say hosting event a stone’s throw from where an undocumented immigrant was killed in hate crime is inappropriate

Trump will be hosting a fundraiser at the Emporium, not far away from where an undocumented immigrant was murdered in 2008

Eva Casale braves nearly a week though cold rain and wind to raise money for veterans

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