Police: Donovan Felder got into argument, shot Courtney Clarke twice in each leg

More than 100 survivors gather in Woodbury for major announcement

Goal of training sessions is to create a network that can assist those who are undocumented

Brian Sinclair, 47, allegedly caused destruction for several exits before patrol officer was able to bring him to a stop

SPCA officials say out of the 10 animals they found, only 6 were alive

Desmond Waul, 22, of Selden, Janice Waul, 24, and Davante Garrett, 22, of Brentwood arrested, according to sheriff’s report

Local officials are upset with move to provide more than $7 million in tax breaks

Crash happened at intersection of College Road and Palm Street early Saturday, investigators say

Rob Dines With 'The Grubfather' At Selden Standout

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