Facility houses high-axle vehicles that can navigate high waters in event of natural disasters

Democrat says he wants to assess the recovery and find out how the state can best help the island struggling with power outages and shortages more than a month later

Medical professionals will bring much-needed supplies to assist island hospitals ravaged by Hurricane Maria

100 doctors, 200 nurses and medical supplies took off for the island Tuesday

'These people need a lot of help. We have to remember they're American citizens,' Cuomo said after arriving back

Dorey Kappel and Lauren Chizner, originally from Houston, say they are willing to organize another event for Irma victims

Lions Club says response was so overwhelming that second semi will be loaded

Group has satellite centers and mobile units for people

Group has satellite centers and mobile units for people

Red Cross says it also has over 1,000 volunteers and supplies in case of inclement weather

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Oyster Bay, New York