Race to the White House 2016


Sanders urges superdelegates to drop their support for Clinton, arguing he is a stronger candidate to take on Trump

Questions were raised on how much money presumptive GOP nominee said was collected

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee headlined the event

6 in 10 GOP voters in Pennsylvania said the Republican campaign has divided the party

With the votes still being counted, both candidates are projected to win the state

Pres. Barack Obama sends robo-call of support to voters’ telephones

‘Just look at the Trump race and you will see people are not looking for seasoned politicians anymore’

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, her husband and retired astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly and Congressman Steve Israel join forces

Democrats behind Clinton hope strong turnout at the polls will boost Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky to senate seat

Presidential Candidate puts politics on the back burner to share a personal story with congregants

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