Race to the White House 2016


Presidential hopefuls exchange verbal blows during last debate before NY Primary

Suffolk County is No. 1 Republican county in New York State, according to Suffolk County Republican Committee Chairman

Protestors gather where Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was murdered in 2008, in what police called a hate crime

Face-off to take place at Brooklyn Navy Yard ahead of April 19 election

Address comes day after Hillary Clinton’s appearance at New York City convention

Ohio governor is behind Donald Trump but ahead of Ted Cruz in polls

Candidate touts her ideas and her experience 'hanging with presidents'

Senator from Vermont addressed a full range of issues, from healthcare to Wall Street corruption

Activists say anti-immigrant rhetoric such as the presidential hopeful’s led to 2008 hate crime murder near the rally site

Some say hosting event a stone’s throw from where an undocumented immigrant was killed in hate crime is inappropriate

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