Race to the White House 2016


Front-runners turning their sights on November

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had another disappointing night, raising serious questions about his viability in the race

Would you move if Trump won the presidency?

Voters are starting to come to the realization Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may become the presidential nominees

Strong showings in the South carry Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Clinton: "Tomorrow this campaign goes national"

Christie: "There is no better fighter than Donald Trump."

Exit polls showed 4 in 10 voters angry about how Washington is working, and more than half saying they felt betrayed by politicians in the Republican Party

Sanders, who called to congratulate Clinton, said he was proud of his campaign, which turned a 25-point polling deficit into a close election

Trump fired back ferociously, saying it was "disgraceful" for a religious leader to question a person's faith.

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