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The memo, prepared by Republicans on the House intelligence committee, asserts anti-Trump bias in the FBI's investigations

The memo, prepared by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, is said to allege FBI misconduct in the initial stages of its investigation of potential ties between Russia and Trump's 2016 campaign

The White House says POTUS will try to unify a deeply divided country

President Donald Trump vowed to destroy the violent gang during a speech in Brentwood

Lawmakers play the blame game as talks over immigration stall

"We're doing fine," Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said of the bill heading for a vote in his chamber Thursday night. "I have confidence we'll pass this."

Bannon had helped Trump form a coalition of anti-establishment Republicans, blue-collar working class and economic nationalists that launched him to the White House

Federal Transit Administration criticized the states' reliance on a 50-50 funding agreement with the federal government dating back to the Obama administration

President Donald Trump promises to work with Democrats next year, starting with shoring up the nation's crumbling roads and bridges

Strategy focuses on protecting homeland, promoting American prosperity, demonstrating peace through strength and advancing American influence

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