Logan Crawford


Detective Robert Francis, accused of exposing himself to several Rockville Centre teenagers, claims a confession was coerced out of him

Dr. Richard Merlucci, 43, was pulled from waters by Coast Guard but later died at hospital

Cornell Cooperative Extension says all you need is a small space to harvest

Brianna Salinaro, 18, hopes to raise $15K to compete in first ever event in 2020

Protesters gathered in front of the offices of Eagle Rock Apartments in Plainview to voice their complaints

Some compare discovery of bodies to last year’s Brentwood murders

Residents say they see often see cars speeding on Prairie Drive

Investigators say vehicles had windows smashed, fire extinguishers set off inside them

Officials say Michael Fredericks allegedly broke into the Lady of Lourdes Parish 4 times in the last month

Senator and local museum explain how president’s proposal would hurt communities

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