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Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu was arrested last year after 2 alleged victims came forward

Hicksville organization says landlord decided to lease to new tenant who will pay more for space

High school students say harassment has become worse than ever

Power supply would ensure electricity to municipal departments during major storm events

Officials say they'll be cracking down on drivers who obscure or try to cover up their license plates from police scanners

Mayor-elect discusses the changes he would like to see in the town he grew up in

Gerry White taught math, science at Upper Room Christian School and runs a child education business called EZPZ Solutions

Building, constructed in 1895, is last remaining piece of Lindenhurst’s industrial history

The police commissioner says up to 200 underage people were drinking and 3 were hospitalized

Five people were overcome by a carbon monoxide leak in their home and were taken to the hospital

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