Kevin Vesey


President says the firing was necessary to restore public's trust

Desmond Waul, 22, of Selden, Janice Waul, 24, and Davante Garrett, 22, of Brentwood arrested, according to sheriff’s report

Several are scrambling to re-book their events and some say they still haven't gotten back their deposits

An afternoon of hard-hitting high-speed action, the fifth installment of the Battle at Bethpage was also a homecoming for two players

Sydney Brett creates charity to teach the damages that harassment by peers can do to kids

Ryan Gurecki confessed to driving drunk before smashing into the SUV driven by 56-year-old Karen Holden

Adam Cobain and Heather Damato-Keshner allegedly robbed 3 gas stations in less than 24 hours

Event is extra special for a teacher and coach in the Bethpage School District, who will have family on the field

Top earners are making $200,000 or more in overtime pay alone

Performances are part of Project 9 Line, which uses arts to help war heroes re-integrate into society

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