Dean, Adam Skelos have been found guilty on all counts in their corruption retrail

Kevin Vesey


Residents living in fear are told that they will be protected if they come forward with information

‘He wasn't involved in anything that would have put him in this kind of predicament,’ Justin Llivicura former teacher said

2 of the 4 young men who were murdered last week in Central Islip were students of Bellport High School

Authorities: Hysteria was the result of Amtrak police officer firing stun gun on a man

Investigators say killings are likely the work of street gangs

The Angels say they are looking to deter any further violence in the community

Report: Nearly 18,000 trains cancelled or delayed last year, affecting 7.5M customers and causing $60M in lost economic activity

Good Samaritans rushed to the worker's aid after he had his leg severed in the crash

Several pet owners allege they received sick dogs from the ‘Friends of Freddie’ Pet Rescue

Governor Cuomo, a strong supporter of the move, signed the measure that he says will stop practice that does more harm than good

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