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There were no lifeguards on duty when 2 brothers waded into the most dangerous part of the ocean

Officials say employees at group home 'took advantage' of clients, taking over $7K in SNAP electronic benefit cards

The National Transportation Safety Board says that the aircraft was part of the GEICO Skytypers air show team

Health experts share safety precautions you can take before the first meat hits the grill

Families Belong Together rallies were held in over 80 cities across the US

Son witnesses fleeing SUV strike his father’s truck

Those against the measure say it would have negatively impacted seniors who do not have access to the internet

Governor stops at John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview to announce 'common sense' legislation

Police say vehicle was stolen and crashed while speeding

Authorities say 2 officers were injured while attempting to apprehend a suspect

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Oyster Bay, New York