Joseph Percoco


Lawyers for the defendants told Judge Valerie Caproni they will be finished presenting witnesses sometime Monday if the defendants don't testify

Prosecutors: Lisa Percoco made $90K a year over 3 years for 19 days in the classroom as part of a plan to bribe Joseph Percoco

Prosecutors allege that Joseph Percoco would use the word 'ziti' in e-mails to refer to alleged bribery money

While Lisa Percoco has not been charged with a crime, they allege that her job was part of a bribery scheme

Former lobbyist Todd Howe claimed that Cuomo yelled at him when a deal to build a basketball arena in Syracuse fell apart

Todd Howe's arrest came after he testified he violated the terms of his cooperation agreement with the federal government

Corruption trial of the former Cuomo aide is off Monday due to defense attorney being sick

Judge revokes Todd Howe's bail after testimony in Percoco corruption trial

Prosecutors say Percoco was paid over $300,000 in bribes to help three businessmen in their dealings with the state

The government has used Howe's testimony to try to prove Percoco accepted over $300,000 in bribes

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