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Lynbrook stores sells yo-yos, Turkish taffy and other items of yesteryear

Customers take a trip back in time at ‘The Olde Pop Shop’

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A Lynbrook sweet shop has more than just coffee, lottery tickets and gifts. It sells a throwback to childhood for candy lovers.

The Olde Pop Shop on Hendrickson Avenue is a trip back to yesterday, with something for customers with a love of sugar who hail from several different generations.

For the old timers there are the yo-yos, the jacks, and Turkish taffy, while for the Baby Boomers there are barrels of monkeys and chocolate eclairs, while some more recent offerings include pocky sticks and Klondike bars.

The place has been a staple of the neighborhood since 1953. It's been owned by wife and husband Phyllis and Mario Carluccio since 2009.

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