After the Storm

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Stay tuned to FiOS1 News as we bring you the latest on the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Where to Vote

Visit our "As Seen on FiOS" blog for more information, resources and updates:


If you want to find out if you are registered and where to vote, click here.

New York has established a toll-free number to assist voters with questions about voting, poll site changes and absentee ballots. The number is 1-855-NYS-SANDY (1-855-697-7263).

Poll Site Changes Reported by the County:

For Suffolk County, visit or read about the changes here.

For Nassau County, visit Call 516-571-vote (español: 516-571-1245) to verify poll site location prior to voting on election day.

Visit this page for Orange County, visit this page for Rockland County and visit this page for Sullivan County.

For the New York City Board of Elections' post hurricane schedule and poll locator info, visit this link.

If you live in the Bronx or Staten Island, click here for your poll site information.

If you live in a county that has not finalized polling locations due to Hurricane Sandy, a polling place in any of these places may be affected: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Westchester. Check the State Board of Elections website or contact your county board of elections.

All absentee ballot applications must be made in person at your county board of elections by Monday, Nov. 5. The State Board of Elections has approved an extension of the deadline for absentee ballots to be received and counted from 7 days after Election Day to 13 days after Election Day. Ballots must still be postmarked no later than Monday, November 5th, however they now have until November 19th to arrive at the local Board of Elections.

Hours: Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

For updated information, visit the State Board of Elections site.


Locate your polling place on the NJ state website.

Displaced residents can vote via e-mail or fax: Residents who wish to vote by e-mail or fax must file a mail-in ballot application to their county clerk's office. The county clerk's office will then approve the application and return a ballot electronically to the voter. County clerk contact information is here and vote by mail applications are on this page. For more information, visit this directives page.

You can download the Mail-In Ballot application right here.

Hours: Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

For the most updated information, visit the New Jersey Division of Elections page.

Emergency Information

Visit our "As Seen on FiOS" blog for emergency information, resources and other updates:

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American Red Cross

Island Harvest





Verizon is providing free charging of cellphones, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices at its FiOS stores in New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Consumers should be sure to bring their own chargers, and call ahead to check on operation and store hours.

Click here for store locations.


Long Island Rail Road:
  • Babylon Branch: Hourly service to Penn Station
  • Huntington Branch: Hourly service to Penn Station
  • Ronkonkoma: Hourly service to Penn Station
  • Great Neck: Hourly service to Penn Station
  • Jamaica: Hourly service to Penn Station
  • Jamaica: Hourly service to Atlantic Terminal
Metro-North Railroad:
  • Hudson Line: Service between Croton-Harmon and Grand Central Terminal on the Hudson Line will operate on a regular weekday schedule
  • New Haven Line: Service between New Haven and Stamford/Grand Central Terminal
  • Harlem Line: Full service between Southeast and Grand Central Terminal
New York City Transit:
  • #7 Service between Flushing Main Street and 74th St. in Queens
  • Limited M service from Jamaica Center along Queens Boulevard, through the 63rd St. tunnel to 34th Street/Herald Square in Manhattan
  • More extensive restoration of normal service depends upon Con Edison’s restoration of feeds for Joralemon and Rutgers tubes, plus networks from those tubes up to 36th St. This would enable the New York City Transit to restore service on the 4, 5 and F lines, as well as to re-establish some service over the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Restoration of these feeds would allow for robust Sixth Avenue service. Once power is restored, since the tracks are dry and signal testing has been completed done, the only thing that would remain would be to run a few test trains. Service could be restored within two hours. In addition, NYCT was prepared to establish a #5 shuttle train between Dyre Avenue and East 180th Street in the Bronx, but is unable to do so because there is no station power.
MTA Bus Company/NYCT Bus:
  • Buses operated near normal service this morning with routes diverted as conditions required. In addition to weekday school closed requirements, buses operated the Atlantic, Jay Street and Hewes Street subway replacement shuttles and augmented M5 and M20 service in Manhattan where displaced subway customers were riding.
  • Bus service will be curtailed at dusk in the areas of the city where power is still out as was done yesterday, for the safety of pedestrians and passengers. The Brooklyn bus bridge will continue to run past midnight.
  • Access-A-Ride began fulfilling scheduled appointments as of noon today. Thirteen of the 14 carriers are providing vehicles to assist in the evacuation effort.
  • Bus service will continue to operate the same service levels, as will the subway support service. Normal routes will be restored as soon as conditions allow, including routes supporting the Staten Island Ferry when ferry service resumes.


  • Take photos before you clean up; Having visual evidence of the storm damage is important
  • Make a list of all the damages that you find and the date and time that you surveyed the damage
  • Don't touch anything electrical
  • Contact your insurance agent immediately to report all damages
  • Keep receipts for all repairs or supplies that you purchase
  • Take before and after photos of all repairs


  • Put spoilable foods in an ice-packed cooler
  • Check food temperatures before cooking
  • Discard foods with 40 degree temperature or higher
  • Full freezer can hold food for 48 hours after power outage
  • Half full freezer holds for 24 hours after power outage
  • Avoid opening freezer door to keep food cool for as long as possible


  • Don't use contaminated water for anything
  • Make sure bottled water is from a safe source
  • When or if you believe it's necessary, boil water for at least 1 minute


  • Cash is the most efficient method of donating. Cash offers voluntary agencies the most flexibility in obtaining the most-needed resources and pumps money into the local economy to help businesses recover.
  • You can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.
  • To donate funds to support relief efforts in New York City, visit this link.
  • Give blood. Numerous blood drives have been canceled as a result of the storm and the Red Cross has a need for blood donations. To schedule a blood donation or for more information about giving blood or platelets, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS.
  • Be patient.  Recovery lasts a lot longer than the media attention. There will be volunteer needs for many months, often years, after the disaster - especially when the community enters the long-term recovery period.

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