Krista McNallyNov 7, 2016, 8:41 pm

Suffolk steps up security at polls to watch for voter fraud on Election Day

Officials say voter fraud is rare, despite Donald Trump’s assertions that the system is rigged

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It’s the night before voters across the nation will take to the polls to decide who will serve as our nation's next president.

In preparation, authorities across the island are stepping up security efforts at polling sites—including efforts to stop any potential cases of voter fraud.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said this presidential election is rigged and is now calling on people to look out for voter fraud at polling centers.

But both of the Board of Elections in Nassau and Suffolk County say voter fraud is rare.

Suffolk County Board of Elections Commissioner Nick Lalota says that while there are not many voter fraud issues, the system of checking a person's identity in New York State could be stronger.

"This is not a rampant issue but it speaks to the confidence that we have in our elections. I don't know that we will ever get to zero fraud, there will always be someone who tries to take advantage of a process, but we need to implement stronger laws," Lalota said.

He supports the type of law that is in place in Indiana where voters need to provide an I.D. to cast a ballot or an affidavit of why they do not have an I.D.

With 650,000 people expected to turn out to vote in Suffolk County, the Board of Elections and Suffolk County police are taking every measure to prevent situations from arising.

"We have 5,000 poll inspectors at more than 300 polling places. We also have 40 law enforcement officials from the SC Police Department and the SC Sheriff’s Office patrolling around Suffolk County's 10 towns. We feel that is the right amount of people to ensure that every scenario is responded to," Lalota explained.

Police are encouraging voters to report any suspicious activity, but Police Commissioner Tim Sini says that there is no specific threat at this time.

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