Oyster Bay, NY

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  • Today
    High: 40°F
    Low: 27°F
    Wind: WSW at 6 - 13 mph
  • Friday, Nov 21
    High: 37°F
    Low: 25°F
    Wind: WNW at 6 - 16 mph
  • Saturday, Nov 22
    High: 38°F
    Low: 25°F
    Partly Cloudy
    Wind: WSW at 6 - 15 mph
  • Sunday, Nov 23
    High: 58°F
    Low: 36°F
    Light Rain
    Wind: SW at 7 - 18 mph
  • Monday, Nov 24
    High: 62°F
    Low: 50°F
    Mostly Cloudy
    Wind: SW at 5 - 13 mph
  • Tuesday, Nov 25
    High: 52°F
    Low: 37°F
    Partly Cloudy
    Wind: WSW at 5 - 10 mph

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