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Some Long Island students given wrong Common Core exams, officials say

Officials admit 64 students statewide out of the 4,146 students who took the exam on Monday got the incorrect one

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While a great number of students across Long Island are opting out from taking this week's Common Core exams, there's word several students who did take the statewide exam on Monday were not given the correct test for their grade level.

John Street Elementary is one of three schools in the Franklin Square district administered the English Language Arts exam to third graders. And while it's not clear if John School Elementary experienced any problems, the State Department of Education says seven students attending the third grade in Franklin Square were accidentally given the exam meant for fourth graders.

This marked the first time that Questar Assessment has worked with the Franklin Square School District and many other districts across the state to administer the tests electronically.

And while New York State Department of Education says, "Overall, the implementation of computer-based testing is going well...," officials admit that 64 students statewide out of the 4,146 students who took the exam on Monday were given the wrong test.

In a statement, the New York State Department of Education says:

"As soon as becoming aware of the issue, Questar immediately contacted these schools so the affected students could stop taking the tests."

Meantime, state education officials say two other districts on Long Island were also giving out the wrong exam electronically. That includes two students in Mount Sinai and four students in Remsenburg-Speonk.

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