Josh RultenbergSep 22, 2017, 5:16 pm

DOT hopes to make Route 302 safer

In September the state Department of Transportation began addressing road safety, Orange County residents want more addressed


People in Orange County have been concerned about the road safety on Route 302 for years.

In September, the Department of Transportation began addressing issues on Route 302, but some people in Orange County are calling for more action.

"The only way to really keep that safe is put a couple police cars on the road more," says New Windsor resident August Michaels.

Among the safety measures being taken include lowering the speed limit.

The speed limit has been dropped on the northbound side just outside Crawford, but the speed limit is still 55 miles per hour on the southbound side.

A representative from the DOT says this summer the road was repaved as part of a $3.8 million project.

Signs titled 'PASS WITH CARE' and 'DO NOT PASS' were added on the northbound side as well, along with new guardrails and center rumble strips.

The DOT has said further adjustments could be made in the coming weeks.

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