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Harrison library creates educational eclipse viewing party for families

Organizers say kids will get to learn how animal behaviors change during the celestial phenomenon


If you aren’t going out of town for the historic solar eclipse, you can still see a partial eclipse in Westchester.

The Harrison Public Library is gearing up for the partial solar eclipse expected on Monday at around 1:23 p.m. with optimal viewing in the Hudson Valley at around 2:45 p.m.

Librarian Donna Pesce is helping organize special activities that will help kids and adults read up on the astronomical marvel.

"I am very excited. It's a once in a lifetime event and I am very excited the library is hosting an event for the community to come and enjoy," Pesce said.

From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., the library will give the community a place to get special glasses and learn about the rare sight.

"The activities are for all ages and we are going to be monitoring the wind speed and the temperature changes before and after the eclipse," Pesce said.

Kids can also make sun cookies and track animal behavior when the sun goes partially dark in the Hudson Valley.

Mamaroneck resident Connie Pezzola and her daughter Avery say they are excited for the free eclipse event close to home.

“We are going to come to the library to enjoy all the activities for the eclipse and we are going to make some cookies,” Pezzola said.

Safety is paramount when viewing the eclipse. Sunglasses won't cut it and if you stare at the sun with your eyes unprotected you can burn your retinas.

Aside from NASA-approved glasses which are in very high demand, people can make their own viewers. The library is offering the supplies and directions to make DIY glasses.

A live stream of NASA's coverage of the coast to coast eclipse will also be broadcast on the library's projector.

The free event is first-come-first-serve and open to the public.



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