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Mayor Thomas unveils $60M revitalization plan for economic growth

A century-old bridge is among several that will be reconstructed under the new plan


MOUNT VERNON — Mayor Richard Thomas announced a $60 million revitalization plan to spur economic growth in Mount Vernon on Monday at the site of the 14th Avenue Bridge as reconstruction begins on the century-old bridge for the next 10 months.

Mayor Thomas is excited to announce the reconstruction of this 14th Avenue Bridge is just step one of five. The city has recently signed an agreement with the MTA and Metro-North to reconstruct five bridges in Mount Vernon.

“The bridges that have divided our city have been here for over 125 years they are over a century-old and built for horses and carriages. So, under this asphalt is wood and that is something the MTA rejects in terms of having infrastructure that is outdated and absolute over their corridor,” Thomas said.

Up next is the 6th Avenue and 10th Avenue bridges; construction will begin next year.

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