Ariana Lubelli Aug 15, 2017, 5:45 pm

Man sues White Plains for PD's alleged use of excessive force, assault

FiOS1 obtained surveillance and police body camera video from that night


73-year-old Charles Pateman alleges he was the victim of a brutal and bloody unwarranted arrest by the White Plains police department on the night Jan. 25. Claiming two city police officers assaulted him as he arrived at the elevator of his fiancé’s apartment building.

The fiancé called the police to the building after an argument with her adult daughter. Pateman says she also called him so he went over to check on them.

Cuffs were slapped on his wrists and he was later taken to the police department where he claims he sat for hours bleeding, with deep cuts on his arms from the cuffs.

"I asked for help. I'm sitting there, hanging off a brass rail, blood dripping on the floor, they wouldn't loosen them,” Pateman said. “They didn't even clean my hands the entire time; you should see how deep the wounds are."

The Westchester building developer has now filed a $3 million dollar lawsuit against the city of White Plains.

Pateman’s attorney Randolph McLaughlin says they’re ready for trial.

"There certainly was no reason to put him in leg shackles like he was a runaway criminal," Mclaughlin said.

The complaint has been filed. At this point, police were not able to comment on the allegations or the suit.

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